What is Continental Food?

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What is Continental Food

What is Continental Food?


Continental food meaning is a kind of meals eaten in European nations and mostly known as European cuisine or other name Western cuisine. Though foods from the United States of America, Latin America, Australia, England and New Zeeland have their own wonderful features, as an entire, the meals from all these nations is famous as continental meals. It is often referred to as global cuisine. Continental foods are different from other countries such as Indian food is very dissimilar with western foods.

Categories of Continental Food

 Taste and Key ingredients of continental food

British:  British meals are associated with the food tradition of United Kingdom. British continental food is usually special with full breakfast such as coffee, hamburger, pies, salami, Ham, cheese, breads, pastries, tea, butter, jam, toasted bread and juices served in English breakfast.


American:  American foods are categorized into many states such as South-American cuisine, Latin American and North-American food. American foods has a very numerous and wealthy type of cooking.


Italian: Italian food is well-known for its different form of serving dishes right for each celebration. The greatest wonderful characteristic of Italian delicacies is that it varies from neighborhood to region. It is very popular foods in the world.

New Zealand cuisine:  New Zealand cuisine is often referred to as Oceania delicacies and it’s probably noted for seafood also Russian cuisine Hungarian cuisine Armenian cuisine and cuisines from various other European nations come under the category of Continental foods.


What are cooking methods in continental foods?


Everyone knows that Cooking is an art of making food for eating but each Cooking methods and ingredients variation in the world, it’s depend on country and cultural traditions and trends of cooking.  Usually cooking with the heat but mostly dissimilar according to cuisine wise such as a continental food has these methods of cooking:


BakingBaking:  This is a procedure of cooking food and uses dry heat mostly in an oven, but additionally in hot ashes, or on hot stones. Essentially the most customary baked item is bread but many different forms of foods are baked for example bread, bake dish, pastries, roast meat/chicken pies and many more. Heat is ordinarily conveyed from the surface of oven to central of dish. As heat travels by way of it transforms batters and dough’s into baked goods with a dry crust and a softer center. Baking will also be mixed with grilling to supply a hybrid barbecue variant via utilizing both approaches at the same time, or one after the other. Baking is regarding barbecuing given that the proposal of the masonry oven is just like that of a smoke pit.


GrillingGrilling:  Grilling is a process of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food, mostly from above or below. Grilling mostly involves an enormous quantity of direct radiant heat, and tends to be used for cooking meat rapidly. Meals to be grilled is cooked on a grill an open wire grid akin to a gridiron with a warmness source above or below, a grill pan much like a frying pan, but with high ridges to imitate the wires of an open grill, or grill a flat plate heated from below. Heat transfer to the food when utilizing a grill is specifically through thermal radiation. Grilling method use especially in these continental dishes: grill chicken, grill fish, grill vegetables, beef and many more.


StewingStewing: Stewing is a lengthy and slow method of cooking where material is cut into pieces and cook into the sufficient amount of water. The meals and the cooking liquid are served together or used as a sauce. Stew can be stewed on the top of the stove or in the oven. In this procedure of cooking, the food is just included with a cooking liquid or sauce. A close-fitting lid is chief to avoid the liquid fade away. The meals and sauce/liquid are served collectively as a whole dish. Examples of stewing liquids comprise water, stock, sauce, beer and wine. It’s an extended process but many of the continental dishes are made by stewing process.


RoastingRoasting: Roasting is a process of making continental dishes in dry heat. In this method meat and vegetables are roasted in an oven or grill. An oven tray on the bottom of a roasting pan is most likely use to collect a sauce or gravy to serve with the meat. Big slices of meat cook well in oven such as whole chicken, whole fish, ham, whole turkeys, mutton and many more.

Few Examples of Popular Continental Dishes


Welsh cakeWelsh cake:  Welsh desserts originate from Wales, a nation of the United Kingdom that was once a former principality of England in exceptional Britain and modern tea-time treat Welsh cakes are very easy to prepare. These can be eaten after ready or can be store up to a week in an airtight container.


Roast chickenRoast chicken: whole chicken marinated with herbs and sauces then cooked in dry heat in an oven, mostly the chicken roasted with its own particular fat and squeezes by circling the meat amid cooking Roasted chicken is a dish that shows up in a wide variety of cooking styles around the world. Roasted chicken served in main course with their own extracted sauce.

TiramisuTiramisu: It is a greatest popular Italian dessert accepted all around loved as continental food in worldwide. It is made of plunged in coffee, layered with a whipped blend of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheddar seasoned with cocoa. The formula has been adjusted into numerous mixed bags of cakes and different treats. Its starting points are frequently debated among Italian areas, for example, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, and others.


Chicken Okra soupChicken Okra soup: Chicken Okra soup is readied utilizing the consumable green seed cases of the okra blossoming plant as an essential fixing. It is greenish in shading. Okra has a greasy feel when rubbed by fingers. The palatable green seed cases can likewise be utilized as a part of stews.


Broccoli soupBroccoli soup: Broccoli soup prepared using broccoli, stock and cream or milk as essential fixings. Fixing varieties exist, as do veggie lover adaptations. It is likewise a monetarily, mass-created soup, frequently sold in jars. A few formulas utilization canned cream of broccoli soup as a fixing, for example, its utilization with cooked chicken dishes and as a sauce.


pork barbequeBarbecue chicken:  barbecue chicken comprises of chicken parts or whole chickens that are grilled, barbecued or smoked. There is numerous worldwide and local method of cooking styles. Barbecue chicken is regularly prepared or covered in a zest rub, grill sauce, or both. Marinades are likewise used to soften the meat and include Barbecue chicken is one of the world’s most well-known grill dish.

Continental Food Routine


breakfastBreakfast: This is a morning first heavy meal in every continental food, for example of English breakfast such as cold meats, hot dog, sausage, bacon, Bread butter, jam, cheddar cheese, jam, baked goods, egg, juice and coffee these dishes served in English breakfast.


LunchLunch: Lunch is mainly served between 1 pm- 3 pm. Continental food served at lunch time in European countries are usually lighter than the breakfast. For example of continental lunch dishes are salads, sandwiches, sautéed vegetables, fresh fruits etc.


Evening snacksEvening snacks: Various persons in European countries have a trend for taking Evening snacks together with any cool or hot drink. For example of continental of continental Evening snacks are cheese toast, corn toast, Cupcakes, Cheddar rolls and many more are a portion of the primary continental nourishment things that can make decent snacks.

DinnerSupper or Dinner: This is a sort of light feast taken in continental foods. It comprises of soup, bread, boiled or flame grilled meat/chicken or any sort of light sandwich. As supper is the lightest feast of the day, dinner is the best substitute for supper. Despite the fact that supper includes light mainland sustenance, this is the last meal of the day and taken between 8 pm to 10 pm.

Eating Habits & Manners with Continental foods


Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating, which might also involve the suitable use of utensils. Dissimilar cultures observe different guidelines for table manners. Each family or group sets its own standards for how strictly these rules are to be enforced. Eating Habits are the tenets of decorum utilized while eating, which might likewise incorporate the proper utilization of utensils. Diverse societies watch distinctive tenets for social graces. Every family or gathering sets its own models for how entirely these tenets are to be upheld.

Continental foods and dining smartness make wide-ranging use of utensils like separate cups of coffee, napkins, tea, different sizes of spoons and plates. It is reflected bad manners in continental food service if correct directions and table good manners are not followed.


Continental food is mostly eaten through the support of knife and fork with the correct grip. Forks located to the left side of the plate plus knives and spoons located to the right side of plate.


After the knife is utilized to cut the nourishment while the sustenance is held by the fork, the knife is set close to the highest point of the plate, cutting edge confronting in. The fork is then changed to the right hand and used to get the bit of sustenance, tines up.


At the point when stay in the middle of eating but have not completed meal, the fork and knife are set in the “relaxing position” with the knife put on the right half of the plate in the 4 o’clock position, sharpened steel in, and the fork put on the left side in the 8 o’clock position.


After finished food, fork and knife sited reversed side on the center of plate, whether or not they were used such as if during the salad course they don’t use knife.




Healthy Viewpoints of Continental Food


Most probably Continental dishes made by low calorie cooking methods such as broiling, stewing, roasting, grilling so these  cooking methods are mostly low in calories, as they make less utilization of fats. Continental foods mostly contains of high protein things like fresh vegetables, eggs, meats and fish. Also Continental foods are very low in spicy in comparison of Indian foods.







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